Our independence enables us to install service and maintain all makes and types, RF, EM and AM EAS tagging equipment.

Our partnership with manufactures and suppliers, some of f Europe's largest and longest established manufacturers of EAS tagging equipment, that gives us access to all the latest research and development in new technologies.

We fit a system to suit your particular needs. Security Solutions and theft deterrents for every type of merchandise. Product Protection for shrinkage reduction. Profit Protection for your bottom line. If you want state of the art protection to echo your company image, we can bespoke your solution. We guarantee installations for 12 months, with two years warranty on new electronics. We know how and where our EAS hard tags are made and most carry a ten-year warranty, and ink pins a five year warranty, virtually unknown in the industry. All detachers have a lifetime guarantee on operational effectiveness. CE and emission certification goes without saying on all our equipment as well as being able to environmentally document all aspects of manufacture. We are a UK company though supply into Europe for some of customers.

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